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Domain Names


Academic Enterprise owns several domain names: this is a complete list; all of them pointing to this page – with each linked to an external whois database record.

Company Domains: (4)

Identity Domains: (4)

Restricted Domains: (11)

Some of the domain names may be available for purchase.

Whois Server


You can find information about ownership or availability for any domain name – including those on this page already linked to the domaininformation.de whois records – either by going to another website such as whois.net or by using the following search box connected to a whois database at the whois-search.com website.

If you're using the search box, the faded example shown in the input box above is the only way to do it – it won't work when a protocol, subdirectory, or subdomain is also included.

Submitting a domain name with an extension in the text box above will avoid their problem pages and show who it is registered to or if it's available to register for yourself.